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我らはLEILICA — この腐った世界を救う希望の光

Lead Guitar / Bass - Nanoneko
Rhythm Guitar / Vocals - Jö.Aniki
Keys / Bass - Enoch
Drums - Krovi
Vocals - RurutiaDariya

Hey tumblr babes, RurutiaDariya here!

Any of you guys in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia? If you’re free this Saturday, July the 6th, come on down to the UBC SUB Ballroom at 6:30pm to catch a live performance by LEILICA to close the MiniComi Artist Market!

What is MiniComi? MiniComi by VSCIA is a FREE ADMISSION, one-day artist market inspired by Comiket! If you’re interested and didn’t know about the event, now’s the time to start booking your Saturday off so you can check out some talented local artists and cosplayers in action. 

Looking to see what to expect at our first live performance of the year? Check out this LEILICA Band Cover of supercell’s hit single, “Melt!”

If you’re in the area, we’d really love it if you can come rock out with us for a night! And tumblrians: don’t be shy! I love exchanging URLs so please come say hi after our show so I can smother you in love. 

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